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About Us & Service Areas
We use Hospital-grade, EPA-registered disinfectants which are designated effective against Covid-19 with a kill time of less than one minute. We provide our services to residences, offices, hotels, airlines, bus lines, hospitals, etc..


Our Equipment
BioShield Sanitation provides only the latest innovative technology and equipment specialized to aid our efforts when combating harmful bacteria and viruses. Not all foggers are created equal. Our next generation electrostatic foggers when attacking microbes, are providing up to 3x more coverage in the same amount of time than traditional efforts.


Our Search Began
While these are tumultuous times, BioShield Sanitation has always been prepared. It was our aim long before the pandemic at hand to provide our customers with much more than a “deep clean”. However in order to do so we knew we would face many challenges and so the search for the perfect products began. First, such product would be applied in residences as well as restaurants, so the product had to be non-hazardous and even applicable to kitchen counters. Secondly, we knew the product needed to be applied to furniture as well as walls, floors, and doors. Therefore being applicable to porous and non-porous surfaces was a must. Thirdly, it had to be quick and efficient, many  restaurants,
airlines, and hotels cannot afford to wait 24hrs until the product settles. Finally, the product needed to be eco-friendly and be allowed proper use within a fogger. After much research BioShield Sanitation arrived at the “perfect products”. We implement a combination of products; while one disinfects the other provides a long-lasting shield on any surface.


Our Promise
The very inspirations for a job well done is the main factor for our success today. It is our promise to always pay the upmost attention to details. We strive to fully understand and commit to our customers expectations.